Richard Kisley

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Experience Overview:
*Financial Industry Standards representative:
--representative to PCI for IBM
--representative to ASC X9 (aka ANSI X9), Financial Industry Standards Committee, for IBM
*Security architect with a focus on embedded system and host application layer design / integration.
*Security certifications: Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP)
*Firmware lead/architect for distributed development team, Hardware Security Module (HSM)
*Application lead, infra-structure architect, C/Java systems programmer, embedded/multi-platform
*OS lead, programmer: embedded PPC, Linux kernel/driver. Focus: Reliability, Performance.
*Inventor with IP in systems, system interaction, design.
*File system networking professional with focus in systems development.

Specialties: Java, C, Applications development,
Software Engineering Best Practices,
Security and Secure Application Engineering
HSM development
Code and Design Review Methodologies,
PPC Linux,
Embedded Linux,
Windows Dev,
Disaster Recovery,
Network Access File Systems,