Lionel Dyck

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I started in data processing in 1972 as a JCL Clerk working on a 360-system running MVT, self-taught myself MVT and became a junior MVT systems programmer (remember starting a sysgen on a Friday night and finishing in the early morning hours of Monday before the office opened). I learned assembler and started to share tools in the late 1970's with other shops and developed tools to help make myself and my shop more productive. Over time I started to develop tools based on ISPF in REXX, all while focusing on how to improve the productivity (do it once fine, do it twice automate), and others. I've been a contributor to the CBT Tape ( starting in the early 1980's when it was a 'reel' tape and continues to this day. In 2019 I joined with Henry Kuiper in developing ZIGI - the z/OS ISPF Git Interface. Other tools are 1. FTPBatch, an ISPF dialog that simplifies using FTP on z/OS 2. XMITIP, an ISPF and batch interface for sending e-mail from z/OS using SMTP (with file attachments) 3. PDSEGEN, an ISPF dialog to exploit PDSE Version 2 member generations 4. and dozens more. I'm a firm believer that tools make everyone more productive, and the z/OS platform is the best platform to work on. See my tools in multiple files on the online CBTTape at and on GitHub at