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Yongkook(Alex) Kim is an electrical engineer/IT architect with over 20 years of industry experience. Yongkook started his career as a design engineer for IBM Z® Crypto hardware at IBM Poughkeepsie, New York in 2001, and designed AES engine in ASICs for Crypto Express 2 as well as logics in OSA Express and Ficon adapters. He then joined IBM sales team for Wall Street to assist financial sector clients with IBM Z technology. He has been a technical advisor for IBM Z clients in NY Metro area since 2007 and participated in multiple benchmarks with international teams as well. Yongkook joined Vicom Infinity, a premiere IBM Business Partner in 2014 as a Solutions Architect. He actively participated in PoCs and solution designs with various industry clients and enjoys adopting new technologies such as blockchain, voice assistants, and IoT into enterprise solutions like LinuxONE. Yongkook holds MSCompE degree from NYU Polytech School of Engineering and BS/MSEE degrees from Dankook University in South Korea. Yongkook was appointed as IBM Champion for IBM Z and Blockchain in 2020. Yongkook has presented in OSS 2020 virtual summit as well as various IBM/Z conferences.