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French men in my fourthies, I use to have cultural mix. Provencal one with quick reaction, German one with deutsch quality and robustness, Caribbean one to give tge sunn and leadership, and finally a Russian one through my wife. What i like. Nature, montain and see. I am fan of sailboat and the uge speed progress they did with foil. About job...After about 20 years of being employee in severals companies and industry, I decide to move into the world of standalone consulting focus on high level of engineering expertise. Experience in Schneider, Heuliez, Peugeot PSA, Sagem Safran, Airbus, Permaswage, Alstom, Keolis, Suez. Customers: actually railway and energy water treatments industries, I am ready to enlarge for banks, insurances, real estates, hotels and rental service providers.. Why... Because I am experts on solutions and business processes that can be transposed in all such entities. Expertise on : - process engineering to drive, optimize processes, delivery and performance. - Industrial management information systems (ERP SAP, EAM/GMAO IBM Maximo / BI QLIK and POWER BI, Cloud and IoT solutions, predictive solutions, and on going with Microsoft Power platform.. - Industrial business processes (standards definition, optimization, process simplification related to the evolution of digital solutions). Considering that ESN services suppliers are not enough supervise in their proposal and delivery, Design authority with real skills transversal expertise, is a key for the success. Since 2022, with a dual structure in France and Bulgaria, I confirm my European goals joining the both side of continent boarder to support customers on a close continental proximity.