Karl-Erik Stenfors

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I am a retired IBM Systems Engineer. I have spent my entire career working on the Mainframe, beginning as a Systems Programmer on OS/360, MFT, MVT, HASP, CICS, VM, MVS, and OS/390 with JES2. (where I helped develop an extensive set of modifications to the environments described above – much inspired by the SHARE-tape). I have worked internationally, from Copenhagen, from Oslo, from Lagos, Nigeria to London, UK and Montpellier, France, in Pougheepsie NY, for organizations that include Amdahl and IBM, on assignments that range from planning a DOS/VS transformation to MVS to the introduction of the Amdahl 5860 with MDF, to the introduction of the IBM 3090E with PR/SM which included co-writing the first of many RedBooks. From 2000 until my retirement in 2011, I was employed by IBM, France where my major roles included execution of Early Support Programs for Mainframe hardware and operating systems in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and being member of the (in)famous zAtlas team. Since my retirement I have studied political science and been teaching Linux, Virtualization, and z/Assembler at three private universities in France, using the Marist college z15. And - together with Cameron Seay, Reg Harbeck (both IBM Champions) and David Boyce - we just finished a textbook for Mainframe education: Introduction to Enterprise Systems - editor is Kendall-Hunt.