Edwin Jean-Paul Vening, Architect of Cryptography

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- Working and advancing sciences of Chaos Complexity Domain Sequencing - working on secure signal semantics with Chaos Complexity Carrier - Classification of discovered Complexities - Classigication of performance and domain range security - working on a OS network OS that has tactical provisioning for environmental designated temporal domain disclosure (next gen Cryptography) - working on the conceptual plane on DSN / Deep Space Networking -- hardening circuitry for cosmic interference and forces -- spacetime. Locality signal semantics expansion -- High-Fideloty construct in transform space / container for High-Fidelity scalar object container -- next generation Cryptography ---- secured bootstrapping entropy pools rotations in secured memorycircuits to hold symbolic expressions -- Deep Space Networking: passive node addressing -- Deep Space Satellite security - material sciences, kinetic exterior cloaking local energy -- Presentation of tactical information with 'confidence' as requirement scale and baseline definitions -- inference detection of environmental dynamics that may correlate , -- FPGA model for symbolic processing, with optical processing units (NEW) I have so much to do, these are only the outline baseline definitions