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  • World Teachers' Day!

    Don't miss the school bell! Join me tomorrow 10/5 for an amazing discussion about the future of Education! Let’s celebrate the UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day together! #IBMZ #StudEntX
  • Discover more about the IBM Z XPLORE

    Thank you for your continued support and partnership in bringing IBM Z, z/OS, and applications skills into your classroom. Many of your past students make up today’s talent at our clients and partners. 

    For 16 years Master the Mainframe has introduced thousands of students and learners to IBM Z and enterprise computing. Taking the best of the past and reimagining it for the future, the IBM Z® community will be sunsetting Master the Mainframe to make way for a new learning experience—IBM Z Xplore.

    IBM Z Xplore will fully launch this September and will be available globally to anyone interested in developing valuable, in demand IBM Z enterprise computing skills while earning industry-recognized digital badges and earning rewards.

    Along with the IBM Z Xplore learning platform, and an entry level gaming application,  IBM will also sponsor a student contest hosted and run by HackerEarth, an industry leader in hackathons with a global community of over 6 million developers and 450 universities. The month-long competition will kick off in mid-October and will be powered by IBM Z Xplore, integrating core challenges to help students complete the contest.

    We want to reassure you that IBM Z Xplore will provide the same level of learning and skills from our previous Master the Mainframe program -- and more.

    Also, in order to not interrupt in progress learning, the 2020 Master the Mainframe system will remain available to active accounts until January 2022.

    Your IBM Z Academic Initiative Team

  • Future Educator Hub sessions - feedback request!

    We'd love to hear what topics you'd like to see us cover in our upcoming Educator Hub sessions. Please fill out this quick survey to tell us what time zone you're located in, what times work best for you, and what topics matter to you most. 
  • Master the Mainframe 2020 - WINNERS announced

    Congratulations to the MtM 2020 Grand Prize winners & to the regional winners.
  • Educator Hub - We want your feedback!

    The IBM Z Educator Hub is brand new and needs your feedback. We held a kick off webinar to walk you through the new hub and get your feedback on what else you'd like to see or contribute in this space. Check out the recording and share your feedback today!

    Thank you for joining!

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