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What's new in IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18

By Yuan Jie Song posted Fri June 24, 2022 09:53 AM

After the announcement, the latest version of IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18 is generally available! Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18 fully supports the new IBM z16 architecture to power your digital transformation and deliver Go applications in a shorter time and with fewer new lines of code, resulting in lower costs.

The IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18 documentation is also available. Check the following topics for the key enhancements and new features brought from the open-source community:
- Generics to allow Go developers to represent functions and data structures in a generic form. (Using generics to represent functions and types in a generic form)
- Fuzzing to make testing more comprehensive and easier. (Generating inputs to a program in the fuzzing target)
- Workspaces to make it easier to work on multiple modules. (Controlling dependencies with workspaces)

gRPC (Remote Procedure Call)
Also newly available is a very helpful video tutorial in Using gRPC and protocol buffer with Go on z/OS. gRPC is a modern open-source RPC framework used to build scalable and fast APIs. It can be a suitable alternative to REST especially for microservices communication due to its structure and performance.

To learn more about Go on z/OS, see What's new for Open Enterprise SDK for Go, or visit IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go product page for its value proposition, key benefits, and more resources.

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