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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18 is now available!

By James Tang posted Fri June 24, 2022 09:20 AM

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go enables organizations to run the popular Go programming language on the IBM zSystems platform. It provides a powerful framework for building fast and scalable applications for z/OS and offers the facility to write applications in support of cloud infrastructures. It can take advantage of the colocation of your data and existing applications on IBM zSystems to increase throughput and reduce response time. You can control which data will be exposed externally, while keeping all your proprietary data secure inside the secure platform.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.18 brings the following new features from the Go open-source community:
  • Generics - allow you to represent functions and data structures in a generic form. With generics, you can declare and use functions or types that are written to work with any of a set of types provided by calling code. They can add optional type parameters to type and function declarations.
  • Workspaces - let you work in multiple modules simultaneously without having to edit go.mod files for each module. You can control all your dependencies by simply using a go.work file in the root of your workspace directory. With go workspaces, you can more easily identify and work with multiple modules in your src subdirectory that may be part of your many version control repositories which are part of the development of one of more of your source packages.
  • Fuzzing - provides for automated testing where a fuzzing engine continuously generates inputs to a program in the fuzzing target. With fuzzing, random data is run against your test to find issues such as bugs, vulnerabilities, or crash-causing inputs. For example, some examples of vulnerabilities that can be found by fuzzing are SQL injection, buffer overflow, denial of service, and cross-site scripting attacks.
gRPC (Remote Procedure Call)
Also newly available is a helpful video tutorial in Using gRPC and protocol buffer with Go on z/OS. gRPC is a modern open-source RPC framework used to build scalable and fast APIs. It can be a suitable alternative to REST especially for microservices communication due to its structure and performance.

For more details on the newly-introduced features, see What's new. Download the latest Go release today!

How to obtain IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go?
IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is available for zero license charge through Shopz (5655-GOZ) SMP/E, or you can download the PAX here. Optional world-class IBM Software Subscription and Support is available with your order through Shopz (5655-GOS).

Supporting Links:
For additional information on installation, troubleshooting and packages included in this offering please visit the IBM Documentation.