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Enabling SDA for the first time

​​​​​​​Video three in the series on self-describing agents (SDA) for IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring shows you how to set up the SDA for the first time. Video three is offered as a choice between two videos depending on whether you use TA commands (tacmd) or SPUFIL|SQL commands to set up the SDA.

If you are not familiar with SDA, you can watch the first video SDA - introduction and benefits or the second video Enabling and Updating SDA for IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.3.0, which provides details on installation, error messages, and component-specific considerations.

TA commands shown in the recording:
• tacmd login –s xxxx:yyyy –u zzzzzz
• tacmd editSdaInstallOptions –t DEFAULT –i ON
• tacmd addSdaInstallOptions -t xx -v yyyyyyyy -f
• tacmd deleteSdaInstallOptions -t xx -v yyyyyyyy
• tacmd editSdaInstallOptions -t NT -v 06230100/06230200

SPUFIL|SQL command shown in the recording:
Command to execute SPUFIL|SQL:

Links for more information:
• See ‘Self-describing agent feature’, in IBM® OMEGAMON® shared documentation, version 6.3.0 Fix Pack 2 and above;
• See ‘Self-describing agents’, in IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Applications, version
• See ‘Self-describing monitoring agents’, in IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring, version 6.3.0
• See ‘Self-describing agent installation’ in IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring, version 6.3.0
• See ‘Self-describing auto refresh and seeding’, in IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring, version 6.3.0
• See ‘Dynamically updating the self-describing installation options’ in IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring, version 6.3.0