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Streamlined Shopz ordering process for Node.js on z/OS


IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Node.js is offered as a no-charge product in either a pax file format or SMP/E format. Which file format is right for you depends on your environment and the purpose for use. To learn more about these options, see the blog: Shopz Enhanced for Faster Ordering of IBM Open Source Distributions

As IBM continues to embrace the adoption and innovation of open-source software on the IBM zSystems platform, we have streamlined the Shopz ordering process for popular z/OS open-source distributions. This enables customers to obtain open-source software and purchase support plans for their mission-critical production workloads to meet their business needs.

To order IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Node.js in Shopz, refer to the steps below:


Step One:

Login into Shopz, if you do not have a Shopz account, you can register here.

Step Two:

After logging into Shopz, go to “My orders” and “Create new order”. Select the radio button “z/OS Open Source SW on z/OS” and click “Continue”.


Step Three:

From the Catalog view, select “All languages”, and also select “Show all products” for the Filter field. Search for "5655-NOE", click "Show catalog", then select the "Open Ent SDK for Node.js" checkbox and click the "Submit" button.
Click "I agree" in the pop-up box to be redirected to another IBM secure site. 

Step Four:

After page redirection, scroll to the " IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Node.js" section. Select the "Get the code" and/or "Subscription and Support" (S&S) checkbox, then click the “Submit” button.

Note that you can select the code without S&S, or select quote for S&S without the code, or select both options, based on your needs.

If you have further questions, issues please reach out to the blog’s author via email -