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z/Action! Podcast for May – Security Beyond Privileged Users


z/Action! is back in a new, convenient podcast format. Each month we meet some of the world's most innovative companies as they share how they're expanding horizons and driving success with IBM zSystems.  This month, Rocket Software’s Jim Porell provides security insights from his extensive career, highlighting best-practices you can use to protect your enterprise today.

Security Beyond Privileged Users: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for All

Security is only as good as your authentication policy. In this world of work-from-home and ransomware attacks, passwords or even passphrases just aren't enough anymore. Rocket Software's Jim Porell should know -- with decades of IBM security experience in industry and law enforcement, he's seen it all. Join Jim and IBM's Mike Zagorski as they review real-world examples illustrating why multi-factor authentication is essential for every zSystems user, and how you can implement it in your organization. A must-hear episode, even for hardened security professionals.

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Next month, we’ll host UNICOM CTO Neil Evans, who’ll share his views on digital transformation and modernization for the zSystems platform.

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