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IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.5 has arrived!

By Gerald Mitchell posted Fri May 27, 2022 10:48 PM

A while back, in April, a new IBM Developer for z/OS was announced.  Now its here...

Welcome to IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.5!

Welcome page of IDz 15.0.5

This IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.5 (IDz 15.0.5) release introduces new Day 1 support for the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4, Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 6.1, and IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 6.1 compilers and their IBM z16 compatibility.  The IDz 15.0.5 new language version support includes real-time syntax checking, syntax color highlighting, content assist for new grammar constructs, updated application models, and property group support for the CICS 6.1 runtime environment. Download it now
IDz 15.0.5 download on Aqua 3.2 site

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4

IDz 15.0.5 supports the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4 better interoperability between 31-bit and 64-bit programs, and also Java interoperability.  COBOL 6.4 support in IDz introduces user defined functions, which includes supporting the Open Declaration and Occurrences in Compilation Unit editor commands as well as enabling COBOL developers by having a display and navigation of user-defined functions in the Outline view, metrics in the Properties view. IDz also provides real-time syntax checking flags on unreachable code in user-defined functions, if enabled. COBOL 6.4 user-defined functions is also supported in the Software Analyzer code rules, and the COBOL Application Model API is updated to support this. Read about the enhancements, changes, and new features on Enterprise COBOL 6.4 at Enterprise COBOL 6.4 delivers simplified COBOL/Java interoperability, AMODE 31/AMODE 64 interoperability, and support for the new IBM z16 hardware and Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4 documentation is now available. If you are not at COBOL 6 yet, take a look at migrating!
User Defined Functions

Also make sure to check out the IBM Webinar replay of Three must-haves to prep for COBOL on z16
Flyer for seminar

Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 6.1

Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 6.1 allows interoperability between 31-bit and 64-bit applications (look for AMODE31, AMODE 64, and CMPAT)  and improved with additional support for EBCDIC JSON, which is supported in IDz 15.0.5 editing and the IDz PL/I Application Model API. We have support in IDz for the new PL/I statements like XDECLARE, INITACROSS, and ALIGNED as well as support for the new year-first patterns in Date/time, WHEREDIFF, ONSUBSCRIPT, and other new and modified built-in functions. Even the new compiler options like CHECKFLOAT are supported in IDz 15.0.5.
code samples of PL/I 6.1

Integrated Development Environment

As you start up a new installation and workspace on IDz 15.0.5 for the first time, you may notice something not pop up: the Personalization Questionnaire.  The Personalization Questionnaire was deprecated in version 15.0.3, and is removed from the product entirely in IDz 15.0.5, based on user feedback.  The ability to change themes and pick your editor is still there in the Preferences.

(nothing to see, so no picture!) 

The Telnet 3270 Remote Connection Emulator (RCE) user interface now includes a new sliding window for session status updates. In addition, the keyboard remapping now includes an empty command option so that the default command assignment is blank. Also, some more general improvements have been added in this release. 

status screen in RCe
blank option for F1 key map

The TSO/E REXX Editor has added localized hover help and content assist and can say hi.
REXX Editor in IDz in Japanese

The Remote Resource Access API enhancements, data set interaction enhancements, advanced search capabilities in the JES Spool Editor, and adoption of the Eclipse history view when comparing local file history round out the capabilities found in IDz 15.0.5; read the full list of what is new and exciting in IDz 15.0.5 in our online documentation

From my last post, IBM Developer for z/OS releases 15.0.4 and 14.2.7 are both live! you may recall that we made some documentation and guidance improvements.  That has continued, and I recommend reviewing the section Integrating IBM Dependency Based Build and Developer for z/OS, as it has been wonderfully updated to include more complete end-to-end procedures as well as an updated video tutorial.
DBB video

Debug and Code Coverage

If you are Debugging or using Code Coverage, don't forget to also read all of the amazing work put in for the release in What's new in IBM z/OS Debugger 15.0.5 to read about the Day 1 Debug support for the the new IBM z16 new compilers, subsystems and hardware too. This includes the languages as well as Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS 2.2 and interoperability in 31 and 64 bit hybrid COBOL applications. 

Feature Requests

If you have more features you'd like to see, the best way to give us that feedback is to provide Enhancement Requests through  IBM Ideas.


There is also a new IDz Enterprise Edition version and a new Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS, available through Shopz .
IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition 15.0.5 (IDzEE 15.0.5)  is a software bundle of products in one enterprise license that includes the following:
    • IBM Developer for z/OS
    • IBM Debug for z/OS
    • IBM Explorer for z/OS
    • IBM Dependency Based Build, Z Open Automation Utilities, and Rocket Git for z/OS integration
    • IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code
    • IBM Wazi Developer for Workspaces
IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 3.3.2 (ADFz 3.3.2) is a software bundle that includes IDzEE as well as the following products:
    • Fault Analyzer for z/OS
    • File Manager for z/OS 
    • Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS