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IBM Z Announced

By Destination Z posted Mon December 23, 2019 03:41 PM


IBM has announced IBM Z, the next-generation mainframe. Focused to help clients enable trust and leadership, IBM introduced the new IBM z14 system centered around three themes:

1.    Secure data and transactions enabling data as the new perimeter across the value chain
2.    Intelligence and insight integrating continuous intelligence through machine learning to personalize and elevate your customer experiences
3.    Delivering all of the innovation through an open and connected enterprise cloud to extend, connect and innovate

To leverage the trust economy, the IBM z14 features enhancements from the core out to help accelerate business. It features up to 170 configurable cores—up to 35 percent more total capacity compared to the largest z13. The z14 has up to 32 TB of memory for the system and up to 16 TB per LPAR and features fault-tolerant redundant array of independent memory designed to support memory availability. IBM has redesigned the L1 and L2 cache architecture of the z14 with 1.5x more on-chip cache per core compared to the IBM z13.

IBM z14 introduces pervasive encryption as the new standard, providing clients the ultimate protection for corporate data and greatly simplifying compliance to meet the requirements of ever-increasing regulations. Read more about pervasive encryption in “IBM Z Pervasive Encryption Marks a Paradigm Shift for Security” and "New Security Standard."

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS transforms the platform into a cognitive learning system to optimize decisions by quickly training, deploying and continuously monitoring a high volume of data to build predictive behavior models. Read more about machine learning at the Machine Learning Resource Center page and in “IBM Machine Learning for z/OS Gives Clients the Tools to Make Better, Faster Decisions.”

With an open and connected cloud environment, clients can achieve innovation. With cloud-based blockchain offerings, clients can leverage existing investments they have built over the years with an open and connected mainframe. And with APIs, clients can connect their core assets to cloud-born applications. Read more about blockchain in "A Valuable System" and “Blockchain Is Set to Streamline Markets and Transform Industries.”

Read more about the IBM Z in the news release and IBM z14 landing page.


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