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Bankdata fine-tunes development and operations with OMEGAMON Data Provider


When OMEGAMON Data Provider was first released approximately 2 years ago, it was similar to handing the keys to our clients that unlocked a treasure trove of data that had been locked away on IBM Z for nearly 50 years.   This data has been collected and leveraged by the IBM Z OMEGAMON monitoring agents, but for the first time was made available to stream to enterprise analytics solutions.

Hopefully by now you've seen one of the 15-20 blogs covering OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP).  The blogs cover use cases for integrating data with observability platforms like IBM Instana or streaming that data to platforms like Elastic Stack or Splunk.   OMEGAMON Data Provider is also now used to drive the new IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS, Networks, and JVM machine learning use cases.   

We knew we had something special when this was first released to our clients.   Our feelings were validated when Bankdata talked about the great success they have with using the solution to streamline development and operations processes, enabling them to save time and money.   We have captured Bankdata's story in the newly published case study.    It is a great story as told by Frank Petersen, the Lead IT Architect at Bankdata, for how they have leveraged OMEGAMON Data Provider and Grafana to become more proactive in fixing issues, reducing development time, and ensure better code quality.

OMEGAMON Data Provider is available as part of IBM Z Monitoring Suite, IBM Z Service Management Suite, and IBM zSystems Integration for Observability.    What story will you be able to tell?