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    Posted Tue March 26, 2024 11:11 AM

    GenAI Pulse Weekly News Alert - March 21

    By NICK PLOWDEN posted 4 days ago

    From the Newsroom

    Tackling AI's data challenges with IBM databases on AWS

    IBM's portfolio of SaaS database solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables enterprises to scale applications, analytics and AI across the hybrid cloud landscape. This involves unifying and sharing a single copy of data and metadata across IBM® watsonx.data™, IBM® Db2®, IBM® Db2® Warehouse and IBM® Netezza®, using native integrations and supporting open formats, all without the need for migration or recataloging.


      AI will change the world-the terms are up to us

       In our latest AI Adoption research, 85% of IT professionals strongly or somewhat agree that consumers are more likely to choose services from companies with transparent and ethical AI practices, while 83% of companies deploying or exploring the technology stated that being able to explain how their AI reached a decision is important to their business.

      Community Stories

      watsonx.governance now works with AI Anywhere

      The latest of release of IBM's AI governance portfolio, watsonx.governance, adds support for AI Anywhere, which has two main components, first, we can monitor AI models from any vendor, and two, it installs anywhere.

      How to Secure AI Business Models

      In this video, IBM Distinguished Engineer Jeff Crume explains the risks associated with Generative AI and a security framework for addressing them. He also points to another opportunity for AI, namely using it for security, too. 


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