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The Woodle is a fluffy supersoft wearable blanket that hugs you back. Snuggle up in a cuddly combination of luxurious flannel fleece over a layer of warm Sherpa wool to keep you toasty all day long. So, for the days when the weather goes through one of its mood swings, WoodleAir has got you covered (pun intended!). The WoodleAir is a cocoon of softness made with a single layer of silky smooth flannel fleece to keep you comfy on the not-so-cold days. The Woodle has been created to reflect diversity. Each launch is specially designed to showcase our diverse Australian community. In their first launch, The Woodle Store has created a range celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community. The Woodle Store also contributes a portion of their revenue to philanthropic causes. They’ve currently tied up with Pratham, a not-for-profit to support children’s education. The Woodle Store wants you to feel good about wearing their clothes — not just because they're cute, but because they're made with care by people who care. The Woodle Sydney, NSW, Australia +61 434 851 705


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