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Josh Cohen is a technical leader with expertise in AI, cognitive, and design thinking. Josh’s distinct combination of technical, creative and leadership skills has helped him deliver innovative solutions based in practical application, on time and on target. He is skilled at partnering with other thought leaders to drive innovation and creative technical solutions. Josh has expertise in a wide breadth of technologies and methodologies including AI, Cloud, DevOps, and Knowledge Management. In his current role, Josh works with top clients and business partners to deploy the latest IBM Watson, hybrid cloud, social media, mobile, and analytic solutions to help them transform their business models. His client responsibilities include large insurance and healthcare organizations and system integrators who are looking towards cognitive, blockchain and cloud platform solutions to drive business innovation.

Previously, Josh was a Knowledge Management leader at KPMG responsible for the firm’s global portal and collaboration operations. He holds a BA from The University of Michigan, an MS from Pace University, and a JD from Albany Law School. He was also a practicing attorney for three years.