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IBM Automation wants to know what you think about our content

By Stacy Pedersen posted Wed October 20, 2021 11:48 AM


Do you have something to say about IBM Automation documentation?

We'd love you to let us know what you think by completing a short survey (5 minutes of your time, tops!). Answer 6 multiple-choice questions and add your comments, if you have ideas on how we can improve our documentation. 

What works for you and what doesn't? Do you have a favourite type of content (e.g. ebook, video, blog, podcast)? Do you find our content engaging and easy-to-navigate? 

Providing these types of insights is the best way we can give you what you actually need — not what we think you need.

So please help improve IBM Automation documentation by completing this brief survey.

The IBM Automation content team is listening!