Denis Kennelly

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Denis has a strong interest in technology and innovation based on his 25+ years industry experience garnered in Security, Networking, Telecommunications, Storage and Systems. Throughout his career, he has witnessed and experienced many disruptions and innovations that have created and killed whole industries. Those experiences are core to his philosophy to constantly drive change and innovation in the teams he leads.

Denis joined IBM through the acquisition of Vallent Technologies in February 2007 and helped integrate Vallent into IBM while also leading a number of product development teams in various executive roles. With the formation of the IBM Security unit in 2012, Denis joined the new unit to lead up Product Development. Since then he has lead a major transformation of the IBM Security product portfolio while also integrating a number of strategic acquisitions that have broadened the IBM Security capabilities in the market. 
Denis was promoted to General Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud unit in March 2017.