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ANR3633I - volume contains files that have not been backed up

  • 1.  ANR3633I - volume contains files that have not been backed up

    Posted Thu September 27, 2018 11:07 AM
    I am trying to figure out why i am getting ANR3633I messages in the actlog (SP v8.1.1.100). during reclamation processing
    the daily processing is as follows
    Backups over night - all show complete - no other backups occur during the day at this time.
    Backup storage pool - deduppool(file dev class) to LTO7 devclass - successful
    DBBACKUP to LTO5 - successful
    Expiration - successful
    Reclamation - these ANR3633I information messages appear during the reclamation processing

    I dont get it, as the backup stgpool process completes successfully, so i would think that the ANR3633I message should not be generated?

    I have looked for any hints on fixing this, the only thing i can see is changing deduplicationrequiresbackup to no, which i dont want to do (tried it before though), i have no collocation groups set up (i recall seeing something on the IBM site about disabling collocation)
    I also tried deleting the copypool volumes and running a backup storage pool from scratch, it ran to completion, i did not see any messages, but a few days later they appeared again during reclamation.

    My understanding is that backup storage pool command is supposed to grab anything new from the primary stgpool and copy it to copypool (tape), so those volumes in the deduppool should be marked as backed up to copy...

    anyone have any suggestions?