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Spectrum Protect Webinar Series and Face to Face Events

  • 1.  Spectrum Protect Webinar Series and Face to Face Events

    Posted Fri August 24, 2018 04:42 PM
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    I am excited to announce Users Group exclusive webinar, and face to face events, we'll reveal The art of the Possible with IBM Spectrum Protect and the future of Data Protection and Management. We'll demonstrate that with the right type of protection, instant access to your data, deduplication, backup in environment etc, so you can achieve any business objective.

    Face to Face Spectrum Protect Event Registration:
       New York Sept 2018
       Houston October 2018
       Chicago October 2018

    Webinar Registration: Register today for webinar series

    Webinar Topic:

    • Best Practices in Protecting Your Virtual Environment
    • Reduce Storage Infrastructure Cost by Leveraging Deduplication
    • What's New in Spectrum Protect Portfolio
    • Cost-Effective Data Protection & Archive in the Cloud (IBM, AWS, Microsoft More)
    • IBM Spectrum Protect in the Cloud - Object Storage Technologies
    • IBM Spectrum Protect: Make It Smart and Daily Administration in the Operations Center
    • Put Your Backup Data to Work! Leveraging Copy Data Management for DevOps and AI
    • Sizing Spectrum Protect and the Spectrum Protect Blueprints

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