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Solving Big Data Resilience Problems the Right Way, with Partners

By Steve Kenniston posted 12 days ago

Data Resilience SpectrumCast 1029 - Technology Partnerships

Technology changes so rapidly, that for a single vendor to provide customers with a "one-size-fits-all" solution is next to impossible.  You would need a team of developers so big, with a whole host of expertise, that the cost of the product to the customer would not be competitive.  IBM has chosen to partner in its data resilience portfolio to help customers meet all their data resilience needs.  IBM is working with a number of technology partners who complement the IBM Data Resilience portfolio with additional capabilities that customers need today.  In this SpectrumCast Tricia, Sean, Randy and Steve introduce how IBM will be solving customer data resilience challenges with its new Technology Partnership program and in subsequent episodes we will bring these partners on to share in our conversation.

Randy takes us down the personal sensitive data road with a large data breach at Landry's costing them over $20M and Tricia has some new information about IBM system i.

Oh, and check out Tricia Jiang's Youtube channel for her latest video on data resilience for IBMi -