IBM Security i2

Co-location analysis with i2 

Thu June 04, 2020 10:49 AM

Hi everyone

I just wanted to quickly share one of my videos I made around co-location analysis.

Co-location analysis is a method to try and establish an association between two ore more entities by looking at whether they are co-located within the same km-grid, same date and same hour of day.

So a use case would be a drug dealer where we would like to strenghten our allegations that he is the user of a "burner phone" by comparing the location of the calls from the "burner phone" with the calls from his "public" phone.

So the more instances that we can identify where the "burner phone" and the "public" phone has been co-located the stronger we can make our allegations that he is the possible user of this "burner phone".

As always you need to do "sanity checks" on your data - so consider this as inspiration not as a bulletproof method.


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