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Rubens Martins Alves Estimated. I'm writing to introduce myself. I am in the third period of my graduation in Analysis and Systems Development. I worked in the area of ​​network and telecommunications infrastructure, mainframe etc ... And today I am an expert in the technology segment in general, I would like to mention that I stand out in the courses and certifications I took, many still in progress. As for university grades and guaranteed the best grades of my course. In addition to graduating in Mechanical Technician, among other qualifications listed in my curriculum. Study of programming languages ​​and courses focused on systems development, artificial intelligence and cyber security. ▪Study Study in Systems Analysis and Development. (completed in Jan / 2022). Transition to a cybersecurity career! 4 years experience in telecommunications infrastructures and networks, data, mainframes. Total availability of business trips, national or international. I look forward to being part of your organization to develop my skills and improve my reputation in the job market. In this way, I want to prove my courage and dedication in being able to acquire new knowledge and develop my personal and professional skills. Respectfully, Rubens Alves.