David Edwards

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I am a senior technical leader and product specialist, currently focusing on the IBM Security product suite and helping my customers get benefit from deploying the most appropriate solutions based on the appropriate mix of people, process and the products.

My breadth of experience in both IT and the military has given me a great set of skills covering communication (both written and verbal), leadership, situation analysis and resolution, solution design and project management, which I bring to bear in whatever the situation. My career highs have involved pulling the right people together, truly understanding the challenges and requirements, and building the best solution based on a great understanding of the tools available.

My 20+ year journey in IT began in mainframe software development and CICS systems programming before moving into systems management in the distributed space.

From there I became a software product specialist covering technical sales, solution architecture/design, implementation, customisation, operation and support. I have worked across many platforms including IBM Mainframe, OS/2, Windows, various flavours of UNIX and Linux.

I've always been a big fan of good documentation and technical information sharing. I have authored or co-authored many IBM redbook publications and developerWorks articles. I have published regular technical newsletters and have maintained technical websites and wikis. I have developed and delivered technical training across many countries in Asia-Pacific, drawing on a heavy training focus in my time in the military.

Specialties: Requirements gathering and analysis, solution design, problem identification and resolution, product installation, configuration and customisation, information capture and dissemination, education and skills transfer.

Programming in COBOL, Fortran, REXX, Assembler/370, C, UNIX shell scripting, Perl, Javascript.

Methods: ITIL, IBM gsmethod, Kepner Tregoe

Current Tivoli product focus: ITIM, ITAMeb, ITAMOS, ITAMESSO, IFTIM, ITCIM.