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Channel Partners Top Gun 51 - IT Channel Leadership Recognition Juan C. is a business to business seasoned sales professional with an extensive IT & MSP business development, sales resources management, and Cloud / SaaS sales experience. He has earned a Master of Management – Human Resources Management - and has 14+ years of experience working in IT & Cloud Sales environments. Additionally, he has 15+ years of experience managing and training sales working professionals. Juan C. has been working for the last fifteen years with media businesses and not for profit organizations from The United States & Latin America. During that time, he has developed his strong entrepreneurial, academic, sales, and management skills. As per his strong experience working with people from different nationalities and cultural background within the IT, event planning, and book publishing industries, Juan C. will project his personal and professional abilities as an instrument to provide outstanding sales growth and cross-cultural organizational awareness. His academic credentials, skills, and professional experience allow him to offer excellent knowledge of the Spanish language as well as strong knowledge of the English language, good oral and written communication skills.