Brian Brehart

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I didn't want to go into IT, and in retrospect it's because when I was in high school, the only IT-related subjects were all in Development (what we affectionately referred to as "programming" back then).
But once I discovered infrastructure, it was a whole new ball game. Then I couldn't get enough of routers, switches, networking, VLANs, domains, servers, and diagrams. I moved quickly from help desk to engineer, and then to Information Security.
I also began teaching MIS at the university level, which added not only to my enjoyment of the field, but also helped increase my knowledge of infrastructure and security. And I hope to continue teaching at that level full-time after I retire.
Outside of work I have a fantastic wife and two brilliant children, and as a hobby I'm studying the fine art of entertaining: cocktail parties, multi-course dinners, wine, cigar, & liquor appreciation, and my personal favorite, wood-fired barbecue.