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Senior independent contractor entering the next phase of my career - participating in the AI, NLP, and Data Science revolutions with Python in 2019!

20+ years in web and desktop software development and XML-based publishing for small, mid, and large-sized companies, with XML technologies and Java programming as career specialties.

Well experienced in a wide array of XML technologies, including XML from a content/data modeling perspective in addition to XML as a transport protocol, XSLT, XSL-FO, XML Schema (XSD), XProc, XQuery, XLink/Pointer, XML DB (Docato X-Hive, EMC xDB), and XUL. Have styled XML using XSL, FOSI, and CSS plus Oxygen extensions. Have worked with DITA, DocBook 5, Akoma Ntoso, S1000D v3.x/4.x and AAMC document specifications in the legislative, IT, medical, and aerospace domains, among others. Much experience performing XML to HTML, XML to PDF, XML to CSV, and SGML to XML conversions using XSLT 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 specs. Experienced in PDF formatting using Antenna House Formatter (AHF), RenderX (XEP), Apache FOP, and Arbortext Publishing engines, as well as the foibles of XSL-FO and area trees / intermediate output for those engines. Experienced in author-experience customizations for Oxygen and PTC Arbortext XML editing environments. Have also worked with Thinlet XUL for Java applications, and Mozilla XUL for desktop apps in the XulRunner/XulExplorer context.

Sun-certified Java developer, experienced in desktop and web application servlet / applet programming. Have worked extensively with J2SE, J2EE, Eclipse/MyEclipse, and Maven. Experienced in Spring, Spring Tools Suite (STS), Oracle Enterprise Tools, and TOAD. Have worked with Subversion (SVN) and Git. Familiar with UML modeling. Certified in HTML and client-side Javascript. Also know Delphi (OO Pascal), C, ColdFusion 4.5, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL, CGI, DHTML, and PHP.

Specialties: XML, XSL, and related technologies, Java, 3rd-Party API integration, JavaScript.