Kristof Goossens

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Kristof is active in IT infrastructure, passionate about networks and security. He's devoted to his work, driven by curiosity and "what-if" mentality, which make him a fast learner (even for completely new technologies).

During the course of his career, Kristof specialized in networking and data security and kept that in mind while learning other technologies. It makes him the professional he is today: broad - yet deep - knowledge on different technologies, always seen from a security point of view.

Kristof is challenged by complexity and used to out-of-the-box-thinking. He gets bored of mainstream and repetitive tasks and will try to find some way to automate these tasks to get rid of them, increasing efficiency and decreasing the odds on human error.

As he's experienced in maintaining and building secure and scalable (redundant) infrastructure environments, Kristof developed a bright view on the best way to automate and optimize processes in place. As he excels in scripting, the plan will come together in an even more efficient operations team.