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Python 3.6 Supportability

  • 1.  Python 3.6 Supportability

    Posted Thu October 27, 2022 04:18 PM

    In this blog entry End of Life for Python 3.6, I discuss that our app development has moved to Python 3.9. I also indicated that we would attempt to maintain Python 3.6 compatibility for enterprises which are still running Python 3.6 in their Integration Server environments.

    However, a number of python packages used in recent apps developed by ourselves and Business Partners are indicating that the Python community is moving beyond Python 3.6 quickly and this backward compatibility is already eroding. Some apps (in validation) have most functions working in Python 3.6 or greater, but a small number of functions only work in Python environments greater than 3.6. In these cases, we've opted to indicate support for 3.6 noting the functions with exceptions. Unfortunately, I feel this will become a growing trend forcing us to publish apps which no longer support Python 3.6.

    The Edge Gateway environment (formally App Host) continues to be the better solution as all matters of compatibility are already addressed in the hosted containers. For Integration Server environments, consider upgrading your environment to a supported version of Python. This website will help identify the schedule when versions of Python will meet their end-of-life.

    Thank you,
    Mark Scherfling
    IBM SOAR App Development Manager

    Mark Scherfling