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Comparing zAlert settings

  • 1.  Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Fri June 26, 2020 12:46 PM

    Is there any easy way to report or display all settings for all of the alerts configured with a zSecure system?

    I ask as we have multiple RACF environments (in excess of 20) and I need to be able compare the Alert settings across all of them?

    Kind Regards
    Ian Hurd

  • 2.  RE: Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Fri June 26, 2020 01:27 PM

    We have 50+ systems and we want the Alerts to be the same everywhere and so we really want a way to build the config once and send it to all systems. 

    Right now someone has to log on to each and every system to set up the Alert config and this inevitably leads to at least one error.

    Is this a requirement or on the road map anywhere?   

    RBC, Toronto

    Dan Little

  • 3.  RE: Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Thu July 02, 2020 04:54 AM
    Hi Ian, long time ! 
    I have the same issue with my current client, this is from the basis of providing Proof for Auditors that certain zSecure Alerts are active ... or not. There does not seem to be the easy option of something like F C2POLICE,DISPLAY ALERTS :-)

    So I am using simply going to use 1.Setup Alert panel: Display of alerts in the selected category and then 2. the subsequent display of
    Alert ID / Sel /gECSWU / CA / EM   being Selected/Email/Cellphone/SNMP/WTO/QRadar/Arcsight. Very basic but with copies
    of the specific alerts, in our case sent to a McAfee Platform, that should provide at least some basic Evidence. 
    So until we hear of a more elegant method ...
             50 Differing RACF DBs will need an Excel Matrix perhaps? 
    p.s. I still have a book of yours I would like to return, hopefully soon. Best Regards to all, Peter

    peter leaper

  • 4.  RE: Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Thu July 02, 2020 10:04 AM
    Hi ian.

    No the zAlert UI does not provide functionality like that at this time. You can open an RFE to request functionality like this.


    Rene van Til

    RENE van TIL

  • 5.  RE: Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Fri July 03, 2020 05:43 AM
    Job C2PJRECI in the CKRJOBS (and SCKRSAMP) data set can be used to print the Selected state of alerts in a named configuration, the report is going to be emailed to the recipient who is on the Who list of any of the alerts.

    Rob van Hoboken

  • 6.  RE: Comparing zAlert settings

    Posted Mon July 27, 2020 03:00 AM
    Thank you So Much :)
    TIC Academy