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Federated Directories and User Lookup

  • 1.  Federated Directories and User Lookup

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    Posted Sat October 23, 2021 02:11 PM

    Federated Directories and User Lookup



    Use Case: Using Federated Directories to lookup users across different user registries from Liberty using user lookup helper.

    Had one user registry taking 2 min to respond.

    a) Is there a way to tell ISAM Runtime to stop searching in remaining directories as soon as a user as been found ?

    b) And is there a way to set a maximum lookup time for individual federated directories ? In case one ldap registry in the list is extremely slow, it impacts lookups for all users trying to authenticate. Ideally, I would like to mitigate this by limiting to 10s Liberty thread idle time waiting for an answer from slow ldap registry.


    Sylvain Gilbert