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i2 configuration on 2 servers

  • 1.  i2 configuration on 2 servers

    Posted Mon December 07, 2020 10:59 AM
    good, I'm doing an eia - i2 installation on 2 servers and on the first server install:
    • Installation of IBM Manager
    • IBM i2 EIA installation
    • Installation of the plugins "HTTP Server and WebSphere"
    • Installation of IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium
    on the second server install
    • Installation of IBM Manager
    • DB2 installation
    Now if you could help me and tell me what would be the next step so that the two servers can communicate with each other, could you help me?

    Renzo Huacac Huañec

  • 2.  RE: i2 configuration on 2 servers

    Posted Mon December 07, 2020 04:33 PM
    Hi Renzo,

    I understand you are deploying i2 EIA on a separate server than your DB2. Your i2 Analyze config should contain a pointer to your Db2 instance - you will want to alter the configuration\environment\topology.xml to point to the Db2 instance. Before making the changes, ensure that you are able to communicate with the Db2 server.

    The following information from the knowledge center, "Configuring remote IBM Db2 database storage" should cover this scenario:

    Best Regards,
    Raul Marita

    Raul Marita