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Watson Explorer and I2

  • 1.  Watson Explorer and I2

    Posted Thu September 10, 2020 04:08 PM
    How would we differentiate using Watson Explorer and I2 for unstructured document analysis vs 3rd parties like Sintelix and Roseka?

    Jean Houde

  • 2.  RE: Watson Explorer and I2

    Posted Sun September 13, 2020 08:42 AM
    Good Day Jean

    If you would like to have a deeper conversation on this topic I would gladly share an example we built recently that read 3500 of my emails and returned the sentiment of the conversation between 2 or more individuals, which we then created an i2 ANB chart that showed not only the frequency of email communications between all of my contacts but also the sentiment/tone of the conversation. I'm working on trying to show in ANB how an individual in a company that may not have a title actually has more 'Closeness/Influence' than one that does base on email frequency and direction (responses) of these emails. We have built a small front end GUI that makes API calls to most of the IBM Watson API and automatically rights it to tabes/database of your choice. In this simple example, we are getting emotion, but other Watson API calls can look for specific 'Words' or return the context of a conversation. An example of this is 'Watson Tone Analyzer'. The key to this is that all this data can be linked/joined and then visualized in ANB.

    Please reach out anytime 

    Harold Bergeron
    905 321 2636

    Harold Bergeron