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Using the Configuration iBase database tool

  • 1.  Using the Configuration iBase database tool

    Posted Wed December 09, 2020 09:09 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I have been recently tasked to migrate several iBase databases from one server Windows 8 R2 / SQL 2012 to a new server Windows 10 / SQL 2019.
    The setup is as follow:
    One Database Server hosting only the database (SQL)
    One Application Server where the ANB and iBase + iBase designer are installed.

    As a test we migrate two databases, that is Backup and Restore to the new Database server. So far so good on that one.  However, they never upsized the IDS file, which would have created the "SEC" database along with the database and the "LOG" database.
    We then migrate the folder where the IDS and the IDB file resided and moved it to the application server.

    Now, we need to reestablished the connection between the Application server where the IDS and the IDB file resides to the Database server where the restored the databases are.
    As I have done in the past the iBase Database configuration tool allows to tell the IDS and the IDB file where to connect from now on, that is toward the new SQL server (databases)

    My issue is:
    it seems that while using the database configuration tool, it allows me to enter the first part of the process, which is to tell where is the location of the new IDS file and IDB file is, then once we click on next, we tell where is the server with the database.
    It can't seems to find it regardless on how we type the server name (database server).  I even tried to move the IDS and the IDB file to the database server, install the configuration tool and tried from there to no avail.

    What am I missing.
    Suggestions, perhaps in roles and permission?

    Since the SEC was never created, is it possible that the access database need to be moved as well or be in the same folder as the IDS and IDB file?

    Looking for advice as the project is coming to an end and that is the only things left to do.

    Thanks in advance


    [Eric] [Niclaes]
    Sgt (Ret) CD2
    [IBM i2 specialist]
    [Necando Solutions Inc]
    [Montreal] [QC]
    [514-360-4000 Ext 625]
    Cell: 438-821-2402

  • 2.  RE: Using the Configuration iBase database tool

    Posted Thu December 10, 2020 10:44 AM
    Hi Eric,

    I believe you are stuck at this point of the process:

    Are you getting any errors when you click next? For example, a possible error is: "The security file has failed an integrity check. Access is denied."

    It does sound like the database has been upsized to SQL, but the security file has not been upsized (based on the absence of the _SEC 
    database). The folder on the new machine should contain your IDS file (which is the full security file since it is not upsized at this point) and your IDB file (which is what opens your SQL database in iBase).

    What authentication are you using when trying to connect to the server?

    After selecting a server, you must choose the authentication method to be used for connection to the SQL Server instance. You can use either SQL Server or Windows authentication:

    • To use SQL Server authentication, enter the SQL Server login name and password. You can enter the details of any user who has the appropriate access rights on the server.

    Additionally, can you try inputting the FQDN or IP address of the Server and see if that works?

    Raul Marita

    Raul Marita