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Any plotter printer recommendations for use with i2 ANB?

  • 1.  Any plotter printer recommendations for use with i2 ANB?

    Posted Tue January 26, 2021 09:33 AM

    Hello all

    I know this isn't a question about the i2 software itself, but as it is for an accessory we specifically want to use with i2 Analyst's Notebook, I'm hoping somebody in the community might have some advice.

    We have a 12yr+ old HP Designjet printer plotter that is probably beyond salvation - it now spends more time waiting to be fixed by an engineer than actually working.  

    Ideally we are looking for a model that can do at least A0 size paper, but it would be best if like our existing DesignJet you can custom set the length of the paper for each print off a continuous roll of paper.  Network connectivity is a must (but I doubt any plotters come USB port only). 

    I am also interested in any feedback you have on the physical size of the machine (floor footprint, height etc...) - the HP Designjet is a beast and I'm hoping that the tech has become more compact since the mid 2000s.

    All advice gratefully received.  Thank you.


    Anthony Patamia