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Adding AppHost to Resilient server in IBM Cloud

  • 1.  Adding AppHost to Resilient server in IBM Cloud

    Posted Mon August 09, 2021 10:53 AM
    Some fun and games installing Resilient, AppHost and QRadar in IBM Cloud instance.

    * IBM Cloud NAT to access Resilient UI
    * Can Putty to outside address of AppHost, but need copy/paste

    Solution that took a bit to figure out....not because it was hard.....I just did not connect the dots... :)
    * SSH to inside IP address from the external IP Address on the AppHost
    * Edit the AppHost pairing info (in Notepadd++) to change the external IP Address of the Resilient server to the internal IP
    * paste exited pairing info into the 'manageAppHost install' CLI command when prompted.

    Seems simple now. :)Same goes for QRadar integration parameters.  Just makes you love NAT even more.

    John Wyckoff
    QRadar Dude and Cloud Security Engineer