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Function does not end, it just hangs waiting.

  • 1.  Function does not end, it just hangs waiting.

    Posted Mon February 03, 2020 04:55 AM
    Edited by Asya Latysheva Tue February 04, 2020 02:06 AM

    Good afternoon, I ask for help again)

    We created a function with help of resilient Python SDK and installed to the integration app server via script. The function entry was created in the system.
    When we trigger the function execution, it hangs waiting and nothing happens at all.
    Looks like it's being queued for ages or might be was never queued. This situation is pretty new to us, since we already created some custom functions before and in all those cases everything worked like a charm.

    So my question is how to debug such situation. We already tried to recreate the package and function again, but it was useless. 

    Asya Latysheva

  • 2.  RE: Function does not end, it just hangs waiting.

    Posted Tue February 04, 2020 08:43 AM
    Hi Asya,

    What output are you getting from resilient-circuits when you try to run the workflow for your function?  Try running the integration with loglevel=DEBUG in the app.config if you aren't doing so already?

    Have you been using a debugger to see if your function is being invoked?  Here are some directions for setting up a development environment Setting up Integrations Development Environment if you haven't done that.

    Make sure that you have pip installed your package after creating/adding a new function.


    AnnMarie Norcross