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Script to add to single select field

  • 1.  Script to add to single select field

    Posted Tue June 01, 2021 02:04 PM
    I have seen examples on how to update multiselect fields, but I am having difficulty finding anything that shows if it is possible to update a single select field.
    What I am looking to do is take a value from a text field and add it to the list of selectable items in a "select" field.
    Any suggestions?

    Tim Gray

  • 2.  RE: Script to add to single select field

    Posted Wed June 02, 2021 05:36 AM
    Hi Tim,

    Updating a field definition (adding new options to the select field) is not possible in a script. This would have to be done in a function by interacting with the rest API. The endpoint for updating fields is:
    PUT /orgs/{org_id}/types/{type}/fields/{field}​

    I didn't notice any existing functions that perform this operation, but maybe it's included in one of the utilities functions i'm not aware of. You can see all of the functions here IBM Security App Exchange

    Sean Mc Cann