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Resilient Integrations pass another milestone

  • 1.  Resilient Integrations pass another milestone

    Posted Mon February 24, 2020 08:56 AM

    During a security incident we all need a mechanism that orchestrates and automates the people, processes, and technology that are associated with incident response. 

    Each Security Incident e.g Email, Brute Force, equipment theft requires a different response, different workflows , different groups & integrations with different technologies.

    With your existing IT solutions, Resilient Orchestrated reponse provides a centralized platform for cyberattack investigation and remediation. Orchestrated response with intelligent automation across technologies unlocks the value of your investments and makes your team act in an consistent manner. Consistency comes with practice, as does speed , the Resilient platform allows teams & organisations to train for security incidents.

    IBM Resilient has created 150 Integrations & all available from –These integrations have all been contributed by IBM & wider the Security vendor community.

    If you we don't have your specific tool needed for your orchestrated response you can build a custom integration, using REST API

    Recently we released our integration with Ansible which which extends our integrations from 150 to allow you to harness the Ansible community with a further 2000 Networking & Security playbooks at your disposal.

    IBM Resilient is a hub that you can show internal & external auditors a consistent response to unfortunate events, learn more

    Cathal O'Donovan

    IBM Security