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    Posted Tue March 23, 2021 03:21 AM
    You have built a great business around your software products and applications at the end of the day you would like to have a satisfied customer however software related defects are not rare to find faulty enterprise management software resulted in losses worth millions of dollars for a fortune100 company defective software and flawed applications can cause huge losses to your business.

    We can help we are Kairos Technologies is a leader in providing independent outsourced software Quality Assurance and testing services to world-class businesses since 2003.

    We have helped numerous fortune 500 companies in creating and successfully executing their Quality Assurance strategy at Kairos Technologies we are committed to providing highest standard of quality assurance and testing services using your proven testing methodologies processes and a well-defined engagement model.

    We have helped our clients deliver quality products to their customers resulting in higher revenues at reduced costs independent and unbiased testing is extremely important in order to ensure that you release quality products into the market and for that we provide end-to-end solution may be functional testing is a key element for enhancing the quality of developed software and Quality Engineering.

    Our dedicated and experienced team of skilled software test engineers performs testing at various levels to reveal deficiencies which aren't immediately apparent we've got a very talented team of testing and genius who are thorough and highly skilled testing professionals they understand customers they can put themselves in customers shoes empathize with the customer that is exactly what is required to do a good job of testing software it is often difficult to judge how your web applications will perform when subjected to hundreds or thousands of con current users.

    Our performance test engineers with their vast experience in industry standard testing tools and sophisticated techniques can help in detecting and avoiding these problems at the earliest possible stage in our constant effort to create more value for our clients we implement test automation of the projects that we undertake in test automation we have developed frameworks based on open source tools then of helped our clients reduce QA cost shorten release cycles at the same time ensuring that their products work as expected the key factors have be fairness and transparency the desire for an uncompromising attitude towards quality and building and maintaining synergistic relationships with our clients.

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