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  • 1.  how to delete STAP agent from server

    Posted Wed April 13, 2022 09:24 AM


    I have some kind of problem. A database server, in wich was installed STAP agent was turn off, but agent in a Guardium server was left. How to delete information (STAP agent) from a guardium server?

    I tried to do

    1) S-TAP Status;

    2) right click on S-tap -> Invoke

    3) delete_stap_inspection_engine -> Invoke now

    And I got an error:

    Api Call Failed delete_stap_inspection_engine:
    Could not retrieve stap - invalid host

    How to solve this problem\remove information aboput S-tap agent?

    Tomas P

  • 2.  RE: how to delete STAP agent from server

    Posted Mon April 18, 2022 04:17 AM

    The change tracker could be out of date or the stap is not up and running.

    You can verify this from CLI:
    grdapi display_stap_config stapHost=<STAP IP address> api_target_host=<MU IP address>


  • 3.  RE: how to delete STAP agent from server

    Posted Thu April 21, 2022 07:12 AM
    Go To collector to which STAP is connected. Choose S-TAP Control Dashboard, find mentioned STAP and use X button (in should have red color) before name of STAP.
    If you are using GIM than you should also go to Set by Client dashboard (on CM) and click reset connection or to dashboard GIM process Monitor

    Miroslaw Heimrath