Guardium/Data Protection/Encryption

Guardium Survey Summary

By Shay Harel posted Mon December 03, 2018 11:08 AM


Thank you for being engaged and sharing with us how you use Guardium. We promised we'd share some of the insights with you, and below are some of the findings. For security and privacy purposes, we are leaving the details at a high level.


  • The majority of you are using later versions of the code and don't stay that far behind.
  • Many of you have projects you would like to pursue (e.g. classification) but for reasons like lack of funding from your organization or other roadblocks, you don't always have a chance to.
  • Many use the UI and CLI/RestAPI equally, so we'll need to invest in both to make sure you have a great experience on both fronts.
  • While the majority of you are still on prem, we are starting to see the shift to cloud (SaaS or IaaS/PaaS)
  • Guardium is used on a wide range of operating systems and is used to monitor many types of databases but some are more dominant than others
  • A majority of you monitor a wide number of databases, all the way from less than 100 to more than 500.
  • Many of you have not heard about our SaaS offering. There is a Complimentary Plan available, so now is the time to check it out:


 Thanks again for sharing the information with us and we may be able to discuss some of the answers in greater details during user groups.