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  • 1.  Who cleared QSYSOPR Message Q

    Posted Mon April 01, 2024 02:52 PM

    How can we see who cleared the QSYSOPR Message Q...?


    Jeff Klipa

  • 2.  RE: Who cleared QSYSOPR Message Q

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue April 02, 2024 08:14 AM

    I do not believe there are any audit journal entries for message queues like there are for output queues.

    I was going to suggest some auditing on the use of the command CLRMSGQ however I am not sure that the F13 and F16 in DSPMSG use this. A new user with limited capability can use DSPMSG and clear their message queue and any other they have access to.  But you can try.

    Robert Berendt IBMChampion