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  • 1.  start partition witout hmc

    Posted Mon March 25, 2024 10:01 PM
    Hello, In the power10 ignition policies we have this value:
    Auto-Start Always: This option specifies that the HMC powers on logical partitions automatically after the managed system powers on. If powering on the managed system is the result of a user action, the HMC starts all partitions that are configured for automatic start up. If powering on the managed system is the result of an automatic recovery process, the HMC starts only those logical partitions that were running at the time the system powered off. This option is always available for selection.
    My question is. If for some reason we lose the hmc and we manage to start the server, will power10 activate the partitions?

    Miguel Peralta

  • 2.  RE: start partition witout hmc

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed March 27, 2024 10:23 AM

    I do not have anything readily available to test that , but I would like to recommend this :
    If at all possible , SECOND HMC !!
    It does not have to be a physical HMC , it is pretty simple to set up a second virtual hmc on a linux VM and have redundancy.

    Alan Fulton
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  • 3.  RE: start partition witout hmc

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu March 28, 2024 07:53 AM
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    I second @Alan Fulton 

    We have two Power 10's at one data center.  We are controlling them with a local vHMC x86.  

    We have a Power 9 at another data center.  We are controlling it with a vHMC x86 local to that data center.

    And, either vHMC also can stop/start/etc the Power systems at the data center remote to it.  Again, if I look at the Systems list on either vHMC I will see all three systems with full control.

    Now, what about shared console sessions?  Well, this can be overcome also.  While I still tend to start the shared console sessions on vHMC local to that Power system I am not so sure this is necessary.  IF you configure it right you can keep using the console session even when a single hmc shop is in the process of rebooting their HMC.  The trick is in SST.

    8. Work with Service Tools Server Security and Devices

    2. Select console

    Allow console recovery and console can be taken                
        over by another console  . . . . . . . . .  1   1=Yes, 2=No

    Is there any drawback to that?  I've only had one person in the industry who did not like it.  The reason was that when you start such a session it makes the user enter in a SST user id and password prior to getting the IBM i signon screen.  He had an operator and didn't want them to type in a SST user id and password.  Which leads me to believe that the operator as 40 years of experience and one more prompt would be too disruptive to their routine or they didn't want to create a special SST user, hit F5 and set it so the only capability they had was 

    Robert Berendt IBMChampion