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  • 1.  s822 fans

    Posted Sun May 19, 2024 10:54 PM

    Hello everyone!

    We have an s822 and we're very happy with it except for one thing: the noise. Not all the time but only in the first 50 minutes. After turning it on, everything goes up to 100% which is common and other devices do that as well. So far nothing special. The special part happens during the next 50 minutes:
    During that time the fans calm down progressively but very slowly (over approx. 50 minutes) and the power consumption goes down with them. That's something we haven't seen other devices do. They usually go up to 100% for a short time and then go down again for the most part unless the environment is hot. So we wondered why the s822 does that and whether there's a way to cut this process short.
    It always happens, even if the machine is completely idle and the power mode is set to "Dynamic Power Saver (favor power)". If we have a look at the cpus via nmon, it shows that they're all sitting at their minimum frequency of 2ghz. So they're likely not the reason. The temperature in the room is not the problem either because once the fans are down they stay down. Even if the server gets some load.
    We also removed most of the components and tried a minimal setup but that didn't affect this behavior at all.
    In short, we just see no reason why the fans don't go down immediately and only go up again when there's an actual reason to do so.

    So, the seemingly unnecessary power drain aside, the noise is the main problem. Hence our question is why this happens and first and foremost how we can change it; cim, ipmi, asmi or whatever else does the job.
    Or maybe there's something wrong with our machine? The sensors maybe?

    Much thanks for any help in advance!

    jack smith