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  • 1.  PRTSYSINF. But what else?

    Posted Fri June 07, 2024 02:10 PM

    Hello, the prtsysinf command gives a lot of information about the partition, but it does not give information about TCPIP or its communication lines, you have to go one by one by giving F6 to the screens or a printkey for each of the configurations of the different TCPIP services Is there a more practical way to collect this information? Is there any other command that you suggest to me to have as much information as possible about my partition? In case of a disaster recovery it would be important to have this information at hand, greetings.

    Miguel Peralta

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    Posted Mon June 10, 2024 09:14 AM
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    I can provide an answer to your immediate question in the form of a shell script that collects and reports AIX TCPIP information in a format that suits my own needs and tastes. Moreover, I suspect you know that there is plethora information of similar importance about AIX LPARs that you could potentially collect as a holistic baseline for your systems. Extending this idea even further might be to collect such information before a major change and again afterwards so that you can compare the results and see what particular settings/attributes, etc. might have been altered during said change. This is why shell scripting is so important and so powerful. 

    Mackey Morgan


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    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed June 12, 2024 09:02 AM

    While Mackey's response is good, Miguel quickly learned that it is better to ask IBM i specific questions in an IBM i specific forum like "IBM i Global".  Upon asking in a more targeted community he started receiving more appropriate answers.


    Robert Berendt IBMChampion