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  • 1.  Own SMIT Menus

    Posted Wed January 11, 2023 11:39 PM
    hi Guys...

    Does anyone know how to design new SMIT own menus?
    Is there any documentation there to read?

    I found out that some time ago someone posted a message about a free development program called WinSmit which he claims is the easiest way to create your own SMIT menus, but I think it might be risky to download.
    Does anyone know about this?


    Luis Alberto Rojas Kramer

  • 2.  RE: Own SMIT Menus

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu January 12, 2023 03:50 AM
    Hi Luis Alberto,

    yes, there is a documentation to read -

    It is quite easy if you know how smitty works, can work with ODM and start smitty with custom ODM (for testing purposes). I did it several times in the last years.

    Andrey Klyachkin

  • 3.  RE: Own SMIT Menus

    Posted Fri January 20, 2023 04:02 PM
    Hi Andrey... thank you very much...
    Yes, I saw the docs and it is true it is quite easy...but, ...

    Do you know if it a way to create new menus that can change when LANG variable varies?
    SMIT menues does but not menues added by other apps (for example) like PowerHA

    PowerHA SystemMirror

    Mueva el cursor al elemento deseado y pulse Intro.

    Cluster Nodes and Networks
    Cluster Applications and Resources

    System Management (C-SPOC)
    Problem Determination Tools
    Custom Cluster Configuration

    Search for PowerHA SMIT panels
    Learn more about initial cluster configuration

    F1=Ayuda F2=Renovar F3=Cancelar F8=Imagen
    F9=Shell F10=Salir Intro=Realizar

    text changed automatically because LAND variable was es_ES to Spanish
    Main SMIT menu options also changed, but not PowerHA menu and others.
    It is any way to redirect headers to a catalog ?


    Luis Alberto Rojas Kramer

  • 4.  RE: Own SMIT Menus

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon January 23, 2023 06:27 AM
    Hi Luis Alberto,

    I didn't do it on my own (always used English), but if you look in sm_name_hdr, you find there:

    name = "Add a Standard Journaled File System"
    name_msg_file = ""
    name_msg_set = 19
    name_msg_id = 452

    If you run dspcat with the corresponding LANG variable you will get different titles you see in SMIT:

    $ LANG=en_US dspcat 19 452 ; echo
    Add a Standard Journaled File System
    $ LANG=de_DE dspcat 19 452 ; echo
    Standard Journaled File System hinzufügen

    If you want to get the same behaviour for your smit menus, I think you need a new catalog file with translations for your language and add a reference to it.

    Here is the link to the documentation on AIX message facility -

    Andrey Klyachkin