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error code BA21000 on the LCD

  • 1.  error code BA21000 on the LCD

    Posted Wed June 19, 2024 06:45 AM
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    IBM Power System S822 server shows to have an error code BA21000 on the LCD
    and it is not booting the AIX O.S .

    I see the SMS screen menu but the AIX server is not able to boot form the internal disk drive with the O.S. installed.

    The server was working fine it was up and running but when I checked the server 2 days ago the server was not

    responding to ssh login, the server was not up and running.

    Please advice.



    Ballan Ballan

  • 2.  RE: error code BA21000 on the LCD

    Posted Wed June 19, 2024 06:53 AM



    If I'm not wrong, SRC BA21000 is a code related with Main Memory Module failure. The thing I would do is unplug the POWER8, open the covers and reseat memory modules, maybe is a bad connection issue. Put he covers again and plug again and try to power it up. If the issue persist, call IBM, to change the failing memory modules if you have active hardware maintenance with them.


    Hope it helps.


    Un saludo,


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